Customer Service and Quality are at
the heart of our business!

Did You Know We Are A?

• Surfacing,Cut & Edge Lab
• Stock Lens Provider
• Zeiss Partner Lab
• Signet Armorlite Partner Lab
• Transitions Platinum Partner Lab
• VSP® Contract Lab #445
• Vision Benefits of America
• SEIKO Succeed Manufacturing Lab

And We Provide:
• Fast Delivery
• Online Ordering / Job Tracking
• Business Builder Program
• Lower cost proprietary quality lenses

A Premium A/R Coating Package is now
available at New Hampshire Optical Supplies!

Premium A/R Coatings provide many layers in order to achieve the best of all worlds. These coatings are clear, durable and easy to clean. Since we are able to provide a variety of products, simple order our Premium AR Package and we will provide the product with the fastest turn-around

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